About JuceBox

Where can I find JuceBox/ MobiJuce services point?

You can check locations of JuceBox in the MobiJuce App homepage or search directly

What are the operating hours of the JuceBox?

It is depending on the opening hours of different service points. You can check the operation hour of each kiosk

How many charging slots are there in a JuceBox?

A JuceBox has 16 charging slots. Users can use MobiJuce App to borrow JucePac, which is fully charged and available for renting. At the same time, it can be returned at any empty charging slots.

How long does it take to recharge the JucePac after it is used up?

If the JucePac is fully depleted, it will be fully recharged within 2 hours after returning to the JuceBox.

What Can I do if I cannot find the JucePac that I needed in the JuceBox?

You can open the MobiJuce App and search the nearest JuceBox to rent. Each location lists the real-time inventory level for each type of the JucePacs. Or, you can call our customer service hotline at 8199-0900.

Need help? Please call the customer service hotline

Phone: +852 8199-0900

Operation Hour: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.