About JucePac

Is MobiJuce's charging service available for any type of electronic device or phone model?

MobiJuce offers three different types of chargers, each with a charging plug for Android (Micro-USB), Type-C, or iOS (Lighting), which can provide charging services for different types of electronic devices or phone models.

Can I choose the charging plug myself?

Users can open the MobiJuce application and choose to borrow one of the three types of charging plugs after scanning the QRcode on the JuceBox. The charging plug and the JucePac color are fixed, users cannot collaborate the charging plug with different colors of the JucePac. The three types of JucePac are:

  • Green: Android (Micro-USB)
  • Yellow: Type-C
  • Orange: iOS (Lighting)

How long does it take to fill a cell phone with 100% power?

Depending on the phone, usually 1.5 hours

How much energy can I use in half an hour?

Depending on the phone, generally 30%

What is the size of JucePac

6.5 x 5 x 2 cm

Can the JucePac be restored?

To ensure safe use, JucePac uses four-sided welding. If it is opened, it cannot be restored.


Need help? Please call the customer service hotline

Phone: +852 8199-0900

Operation Hour: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.