Account and Payment

How can I download the MobiJuce APP

  1. Search MobiJuce on Apple Store or Play Store
  2. Scan the QRcode on JuceBox to download MobiJuce

How can I register an account?

  1. Download the MobiJuce App in the App Store or Google play store
  2. Open the MobiJuce App and choose "Sign in"
  3. Press "Sign up" enter your personal information

Where can I go if i forget my password?

If you forget your password, please reset it by selecting "Forgot Password" on the MobiJuce App login page. You’ll need to enter the mobile number associated with your MobiJuce account.

You will receive a verification code within a few minutes to reset the password. The verification code can only be used once. If you do not use it within 10 minutes, please try again to get a new verification code.

It is recommended that you create a unique password for MobiJuce. Please do not share your password in emails or other communications. Our MobiJuce team will never ask you for your password.

If you still cannot log in after resetting the password, call the MobiJuce Customer Service Hotline at 8199 0900. The MobiJuce team will assist you.

How can I set my payment method?

  1. Open MobiJuce App and "menu"
  2. Choose "payment" to add credit card

What is the benefit to add my credit?

After adding a credit card, you can use the MobiJuce service for a deposit of $0.

What can I do if i do not have credit card?

You can use paypal or apple pay to top up not least than $149 in that enjoying MobiJuce Service.

What do I do if you charge me in error?

Please call our customer service hotline 8199-0900 and our friendly customer service representative will be glad to help you.

Need help? Please call the customer service hotline

Phone: +852 8199-0900

Operation Hour: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.