Download MobiJuce app to rent our JucePac In a fully automated base.



If you don’t have an IOS or Android Account…

You can still use our service on WeChat Mini Program and Web App. Stay tuned for the most updated news!


Special Offers For You Everyday!

We tie up with many merchants for providing limited special offer for our users. With a click on the “Offers Page” of our app, users can check out the best and most updated offers in various categories! Open MOBIJUCE App and surprise yourself every day!


Current collaborations include AlipayHK, BloomMe, and MoneyBack.


Local Based Service

With our GPS-oriented service, users can get the latest and nearest offer. This is best for finding the best local deals.

More Surprising Offers!

We are not only providing charging service. More surprising offers are coming! Don’t miss out!

Payment Methods

We offer a variety of payment methods, including Visa, Master, Alipay, AlipayHK, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Octopus. More payment methods are coming! Stay tuned for further updates!

Automated Rent & Return Process

Could be as short as 7 seconds


Step 1

Download MobiJuce App, find a JuceBox location, click “Rent”


Step 2

Scan QR code on JuceBox


Step 3

Select JucePac type, click “Rent” and “Done”, take it out


Step 4

Turn on JucePac, plug it into your phone and begin charging

Step 5

Once finished charging, return the JucePac to any JuceBox


Find Everything On Our App!

You can find everything on our app, including numbers of available JucePacs and charging spots.

Check it out to look for more details!


Convenient Locations

Following the rapid expansion of our service, most of the charging spots are located in high traffic areas and covered more than half of Hong Kong.










JuceBox Locations

You can easily find the nearest charging spot just with the use of MOBIJUCE App


MOBIJUCE provides the greatest convenience to recharge your phone in urgent times

We will expand to overseas market in the near future. Stay tuned to check out our new locations!