MobiJuce - an intelligent solution to juce up your retail business

Drive Footfall to your location


MobiJuce drives digital savvy consumers to your physical store. MobiJuce's intelligence solution enhances retailers' customer experience and traffic. By partnering with us, you can offer special deals through MobiJuce's geo-tagging, to consumers physically near your stores and drive footfall to them.


self-service system


Our fully automated JuceBox allows MobiJuce users to rent, use, and drop off the JucePac without any support needed from your staff. The easy-to-use, smart and fully self-service JuceBoxes stand stylishly in your shop, while nearby customers search for the closest location using their mobile app.  The app features in real time how many and what type of JucePacs are available at any given time in your store.


know your customer


MobiJuce helps you deliver a smart, innovative, and personalized experience to potential customers before they visit your physical location, helping you to better know and serve them. We identify them for you and help you predictively market to them before they walk into your location.